Friday, October 8, 2010

Ronan learns to ride a bike

Tyler gets him set up.

And away he goes!

Blurry, but it shows some of the brotherly pride and excitement Tyler has.

 Tyler is reassuring Auri that it wasn't a bad fall.

 "He only fell because he tried a wheelie. He got that far off the ground too!"

Like many mothers, she decides to take Ronan's safety in her more responsible hands.

He still

Tyler, like any good "dad", says, "Nice one! Gimmie five!"

Now get back on and let's do it again!

Tyler's going to be a great dad some day.

Ronan is lucky to be surrounded by so much LOVE.
My children bicker. 
They're sometimes sassy. 
They're forgetful. 
Occasionally disobedient. 
There are days when I sit in complete despair over their behavior. 
But the good times, 
family togetherness, 
and laughter 
show me that we're doing something right.

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