Monday, September 27, 2010

Handwork Monday II

Class Yarn Hanging to dry.

Today we got our hands dirty as we played with food coloring and wool. Each child chose two colors to work with when we begin weaving next week. I think the color choices are BEAUTIFUL!! They did great!

My "low mess method" was not as low mess as I'd have liked. I should have taken glass jars. Instead I used plastic baggies and several of them leaked. The colors didn't seem to be affected, thankfully. I wouldn't have wanted to take muddy colored yarn back to the children next monday!
We didn't take notes as carefully as I intended. I did end up with accurate notes, but the children weren't the ones who took them. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I think it had more to do with my dye method/organization/time limit. But it was an excellent learning experience all around. 

Next week we start weaving bookmarks with the wool we dyed. It should prove entertaining!
Handwork Blessings!


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