Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Auto shop I

Oil Change

Looks like it's about done.

Always remember to put the plug back in.

Oil filters are hard to remove.

I just got my hands wiped off so I could get them dirty?

This is much trickier than it looks.

If you think oil filters are bad, Tires are worse! 
You have to be a ninja with superhuman strength!
It's the only way.

Tyler may not have ninja status, 
but he can air up a tire with the best.

And it does let him exercise his superhuman concentration.:o)
Today I'm thankful for boys 
who take the time to learn basic car maintenance 
the men who take the time to teach them!

1 comment:

showard said...

My dad taught me how to take care of all my bikes and cars when I was a young boy . Now I know that he taught me a gave me a lot more .
I feel blessed to get to spend time with my boy doing the same thing my dad did for me passing on the ability to take care of the my things while spending quality time with my son helping him become a man.
I love ya sunshine.