Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Soup

Overgrown Zucchini Soup

2 Tbls of fresh butter
1 1/2 large Sweet Onions
1 mondo zucchini and 1 small zucchini
3 small potatos
Enough chicken stock to cover
about 1 tsp dried Thyme or a 2 Tbls of fresh Thyme
  2 Tbls of fresh Basil
2 Tbls of fresh Rosemary
Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

I diced the onion, zucchini, and potatoes about the same size and tossed them into a heavy bottomed pan with the melted butter. I also tossed in the herbs and pepper. I left them there, stirring often, (mostly because I like to stir things) until they were partially cooked, with the onion on its way to translucent. 
 Then I poured in enough stock to almost cover it. After placing the lid on tightly I wandered away for what was supposed to be 15 minutes. 
25 minutes later I raced back inside to discover that it was perfectly cooked and ready for blending. (I don't recommend leaving your stove when you're cooking or anything. I just often forget that I'm cooking. Not sure how, but I do.)

I blended it up and tasted it with the intention of adding some heavy cream and cheese. It didn't need it. It was PERFECT!!!

I'm in love. 
Slightly Sweet. Perfectly Creamy. 
Super Duper Yummy.

What's cooking from YOUR garden?

Summer Blessings!



showard said...

that was the best homemade soup ever. the garden is paying off big time.

Elizabeth Owen said...

This looks delicious!

Cadi said...

The soup sounds delicious. I can't wait to garden out back in the spring.

Boy, I'm hungry these days. ;-)

My first lace project was this:

Then a shawl.

Try it. Sounds scarier than it is. :-)

Darcy said...

This sounds delicious--I'm definitely trying it this summer! My grandparents have a huge garden that our whole family enjoys, and I know I could find everything I need :)