Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Longest Day


Auri is demonstrating how she is dancing on the chalkboard.:o) 

This was the only addition I made to our board. Solstice was yesterday, but I didn't get everything pulled together to celebrate it. So we'll celebrate a day late.:o)

Auri's Walking Stick

This little guy kept trying to get in the pool with the kids yesterday. We relocated him to a safer place. :o) 

At the plum thicket.

These wild plums are just down the road and I think they are going to be perfect for jam here in about a week or so. The children couldn't wait, of course.....or maybe it was me that couldn't wait. We had a good time gathering what we could reach.

We ate more than we brought home.
Isn't that the way it's supposed to work? Ronan was fascinated by the green ones and insisted that they were perfectly good for us to eat. He wouldn't eat them, of course, but I was supposed to.

A Happy Bee.
This little guy was positively DRUNK on pollen. He was rolling and rolling and wandering and just LOVING it. I wish I knew where he lived, and if he was willing to share. We had a swarm fly overhead in the spring. That was an AMAZING experience. I had no idea it was so loud. There were thousands of them. 

Now I'm off to bake some goodies for tonight. I hope everyone had a wonderful longest day.

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