Monday, June 21, 2010

Nourishing Traditions and Garden bits

I Finally bought it!

I've looked at this book online at least a hundred times over the last couple of years. Read all the reviews. Read blogs that referenced it. Wanted it, but hated to lay $25 bucks out on a cookbook that I might find useless. 
Then I got lucky and it just "happened" to be at one of the health food stores I visited this weekend. I skimmed through it.....and promptly bought it.:o) I spent parts of my headache ridden day reading/skimming through it and I'm thrilled with my purchase. (I will admit however, that as I haven't yet tried any of the recipes I have no clue if I will find any of them they all sound like they will be good...or like something I already cook but with a slight twist.) 
They have a whole section on wild game, and a section on organ meats. I will admit that the brains idea is a little scary, but the idea of "hiding" small amounts in other things is an interesting thing. 
Will I ever manage to actually eat brains? Probably not...but hey, if I decide to then I'll know how to do it. And that's pretty cool in my book.:o)
I believe in using every portion of a harvested animal and I'm excited that this book will help me out with that in the future. 

I'm very interested to see what the effect of cooking with these methods will do for our health and behaviour. Tyler has always struggled with everything from weight to anger. I know that I feel completely different when I eat crap than I do when I eat well. 
Yay! (Okay, I'll get off my "got a new book" happy wagon

That was happy, this is the current BANE!

They are EVERYWHERE!!! Driving me crazy! Sharpies! Owies! Mean! Rotten! STICKERS!
I picked 3 bags full out of the garden the other day before I laid down 8 inches of straw mulch in a desperate hope that I won't have to pick them any Now they're on the edges of the garden. I know, I know...give it a couple of years of picking and they will go away. But for now. Icky Icky Owie Ow.:o)
This is pretty.
I think they're called puff flowers, I'm going to look them up later. They are such a weird flower, but so pretty. I'm going to try and transplant them into my garden edge so I don't have to mow them down.

Look at THIS!!!

I know that I should have expected it. Perhaps I shouldn't be as in awe as I am. I mean, I suppose that one should expect a watermelon plant to produce a watermelon...but I don't think I did. The watermelon plant however, knew what it was doing.....and we have sweet little watermelons that seem to be doubling in size every day. 

How cool is that?!!! 
Happy Summer!!

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