Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazure Beginnings

New Kitchen Wall

I'm very excited about painting. I love the way color makes me feel. The kids always like it too. I've always found different ways to paint our home. Always revolving around the lazure techniques. Always something simple to do. Always something that I could manage with little kids crawling all over me and my workspace.:o)

And let's not forget that it must be
What I've always done is not the best way to lazure. It probably isn't even considered lazure because of it. And although I've cringed from time to time over the possible toxicities I've always enjoyed the colors.

I just buy those little fifty cent bottles of craft paint from the store and water it down. My technique is not always the best, but it always worked out pretty good. After looking at this wall I'm feeling pretty happy. I think I've finally learned how to do this. But now I've run into a new problem. 
These walls are very very washable. This means that my super watered down, water based paint doesn't cling like I'd like. So I'm going to have to make a trip to the hardware store to ask for advice. Hopefully a can of glaze will take care of my problem. 

If it doesn't then we'll just have to find another solution. 
Because life filled with Luminosity is my only option.

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