Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the Garden

Tomato Cages
The pictures are awful, but I'm hoping you can see enough to understand why I love this idea. We took some of the branches we trimmed and used them along with bits of string to make our tomato cages. They work great and I love the organic feel they give off. I know that once we actually have our garden beds established the look will be amazing! 

Plus, they're wonderfully cheap and practical.:o)

What is it about Squash Blossoms?
Checking on these guys really make me smile. I love the view under the canopy of leaves. It's always beautiful, usually dew covered, and filled with promise.

Beautiful Basil

There are many things I like to grow, but basil might be my favorite.

Or is is Rosemary? Lavender? Mint? Thyme? Those yummy 'maters?
Oh well, perhaps one day I'll narrow it down.

We use it in everything. I LOVE fresh basil. It's so easy, and does so much.


Cadi said...

That's a lot of basil. Makes me crave tortellini & pesto. :-)

Wendi said...

What's sad is that it's only one of 8 plants, with more coming up from seeds the kids planted I LOVE tortellini, and I love pesto...actually, I love almost anything that I can put basil in. We're moving into a homemade pasta test phase that is lots of fun. Wish you were closer, I'd send some your way.:o)