Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rainbow Roving and Other Projects

Rainbow Merino/Silk roving from Perchance To Spin.

This roving is even more amazing in person that it looks. I am still torn about what I want to do with it. Part of me wants to spin for gradient, part wants to ply and let the colors fall where they will. I almost want to use it to make a fairy mobile, but the softness makes that seem like a true sin.:o) This is the colorway I've been looking for.

An experiment.

I am using this leftover bit to see if I can come up with something similar to waldorfmama's amazing little nature table doll. I've never tried to recreate from scratch before, so it should be interesting. I've decided that if I can't wing it then I will use the knitted doll pattern I have in one of my books and make it smaller. I'm enjoying this confidence that I feel building. I almost feel like an official crafter.:o) Then I look at this.

My latest folly.

I wanted to make sweet simple little Tomtens for the Bits of Goodness Swap. They are giving me trouble. I think I'm going to have to start over and use a pipe cleaner frame and figure out how to help him stand up on his feet. Or maybe turn him into an ornament. Or I might just scrap this project and make either angels or window stars. I really need to figure it out though because the ship date is going to creep up on me.

At least I have a lot to keep my hands busy.

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