Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gourmet Yarn Co

Color. One of my favorite things about yarn.

I love love love these bright happy colors. They're my favorites. No, wait. I think the pastels are my favorites. No, um, maybe it's the deep foresty colors.....or it could be the.....

My next cookbook purchase.

I know, I know. All it takes is a snappy title. Throw in a couple of sheepies and I'm a goner.

Tyler trying to decide what he can't live without.

This store is so amazing. The people are awesome. The selection is great. There is plenty of room to walk around. (That's a biggie for me, I get kinda twitchy when everything is too close.) I got to sit down with some ladies the other day and they gave me so many great tips. I have decided that I have to get my projects organized. I need to actually inventory my stash, I discovered the other day that I'm already losing and forgetting about things.

I also learned a lesson about choosing a project and then choosing a yarn. I've been falling in love with yarns and then trying to figure out something that would fit the yarn and my family.

I can't wait to get back there this weekend. I can understand completely why it is helpful to travel to a good yarn store. It may be 90 miles away, but the trip is worth it.

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