Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ronan's Birthday

Ronan and his new friend Miles

When I saw Miles in  Dragonfly's Hollow I knew that he and Ronan were meant to meet. This is the first 16in doll that we've gotten from her, but he will not be the last! He is so incredible, so beautifully and lovingly made. I know that he is someone who can stand the rough and tumble life that is a part of being friends with a child of mine. Ronan LOVES him. He was so excited to see that he is wearing underwear just like him. (Remember how Ronan just conquered his potty dragons? He decided that his friend Miles must have battled too with that Michael guy and that's why he was wearing underwear.) Right now Miles is helping him fix the phone and then they are going to get ready for bed.

I love how instantly he fell in love, and how he already has incorporated him into his activities.

I also learned another lesson tonight. I have always known that less is more for birthdays. It's something we've done, had folks over to celebrate the birthday but have no presents except a couple of things from our family. This year we're at my mom's and she always does a bit much. It was very frantic this year. With crazy present opening, no time to enjoy the item and thank the giver. The difference was very obvious to me and I learned that the way we had been doing things was better.

 Ronan and his elephant.

My little guy is four years old today.
I hope I continue to remember to savour each day with this amazing little person, because these days are becoming years too fast.

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