Friday, October 2, 2009

Rhythm Thoughts

Tyler's Fairy Painting

Today is the painting day in our weekly Rhythm. Friday's are devoted to Wet on Wet Painting, catching up on our handwork, and getting the house in order after our busy week. Yesterday marked the end of the first month of our new Rhythm. We've had a lot of bumps and adjustments, several days off for field trips, but over all it's worked out well.

I'm being able to see how well the three day Rhythm works for the children. It has been good for us this year to devote a day to our art and for our field trips. We've never included that before, and seeing how wonderfully it's working out I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. There used to be a constant interruption of our flow any time we tried to squeeze these things in. I think the lesson I learned here is to really look at how to make everything we need to get done a part of our Rhythm.

This is how our more formal schooling days go. I am thinking that I should create a small blackboard that can hold our daily verse so that the chalkboard drawing for the verse can be a constant. What I've been doing is leaving the verse at the bottom but changing the chalkboard drawing for the lessons. I haven't had much Rhythm for when I change the drawings and I'm going to focus this month on changing that. We also didn't learn our song for Michaelmas on time, but I feel more prepared as I plan for Martinmas. I can tell that it won't be long before our festivals are as rich as I envision them. It's exciting.

The life I want is getting closer and closer each day. I wish I had known all along that all I had to do have it was to strengthen my will.

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