Monday, June 18, 2012

Begin again....and again...and again

The Hooligans

I haven't visited this space in a long time. I hit a place where I didn't want to create. I didn't want to nurture. I didn't want to share. I've been living in a void where I simply survived.

The zombie apocalypse is here folks. 

It just doesn't look like we expected it too.

When you move from day to day with no've joined it too.

I'm officially moving out of that phase.

Today, I step back into my life. 
Today, I will begin my journey.
Today, I will move with purpose.
Today, I will flex my muscle of matter how weak it may feel at first I know that it will get stronger with each passing day.

Today, I will  tell stories. 
Today, I will create rainbows for my children.
Today, I will colour.
Today, I will paint.
Today, I will reach out and embrace my children with everything that I have in me.  

I will do this because it's who I am at the very center of myself.

I am a Beacon.
I am the Driving Force behind everything we are.
Today is the new beginning that we owe ourselves.
 I will remember that each day when I wake to the children's smiling faces.

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Cat said...

I hope you're continuing to feel better. I found your blog a few months ago while searching for a place to buy fresh goat milk. We're in Lawton, so a little far to do that regularly, but we have things in common.