Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Park Play

Kiska's "Tree House"

Auriana is attending another sewing camp this week which means the littles and I have been heading to the park after we drop her off. 

They love it. 
We rarely go to the park and so going every day of a week is a HUGE treat for them. 

The fun thing is that they seem more enthralled by the sand than anything else.
Except the monkey bars. Ronan is a monkey bar lovin' fool. He is SO proud that he has mastered them.

Our Mushroom Village

Kissy enjoys jumping off the sidewalls of the sand enclosure and digging. I am working on gathering the materials for a natural playground on the farm. 

I know what you're thinking.....the whole farm is a natural playground. :o) And you're right. But we don't have swings, which my children love. We're also missing a sandpit. I still don't know how I'm going to work that because of the ants. I'm also hoping to add some oak trees so we can gather acorns from our own place instead of making a trip to the park to replenish my stash.
Kiska spends most of her time creating and destroying little worlds with the acorn caps. 
 I'm glad that her play, even at this very traditional and commercial playground, revolves around found objects and the natural landscape outside the enclosed area. 

It shows me that even though the lure of the brightly colored spaces away from home is there, the pull of the natural world is a part of who she is.
It's Raining!

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