Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waldorf Handwork Planning

The contents of Auri's Handwork Bag

I've been working on my planning for next year. I'm determined to have an easy year. One without me having to scramble for what we're supposed to be doing. I've actually followed Melisa Neilson's (A Little Garden Flower curriculum) advice and am laying every bit of it out. 

It only took me 8 years to apply practical advice. 
I think it may be a record for me!
(I plan to address the Will and how to work on it in another post this year. In case you can't tell, I need a lot of work developing my Will.)

Last year handwork was the first part of our homeschool day to get tossed out. 
And it shouldn't have been. 
I consider handwork a vital part of my children's education.

So this year I'm working on a definitive curriculum for it. I asked Auri to select some yarn and needles from the shelf and she chose these. If you knit at all then you can see that we are going to have some problems. The needles are far too big for the yarn. 
It illustrated to me just how much work I have to do in this arena.
And it pointed out a recurring problem I have. 

I give my children too much choice. 

I should have never sent Auri to choose her own yarn and needles. I should have thoughtfully packed her handwork bag with the appropriate yarn and needles for our first knitting project.

I am working my way through Steiner's Handwork book and I'm finding it fascinating. It's also empowering and exciting. But I've allowed my excitement and passion to translate into errors. I didn't apply enough thought or preparation before I acted.

It's a lesson I'm carrying into the rest of my work with my children. :o)

Now, on to my tentative handwork plans for the year.

Auriana is in 4th grade this year. She knows how to knit, but she's shaky in casting on and casting off. We are going to strengthen those skills before we move on to purling. She is going to make a pair of wool slippers for herself. I found a pattern that is just a rectangle and then sewn together and felted. I think she will have a great time with it. 

Our next project will involve cross stitch and the lovely wool felt I just ordered. I can't wait until it arrives. I intend to use it to prepare our nature table for Autumn too. Delightful harvest colors just waiting for my crafting table.

Ronan will begin finger knitting this year. I also have some wet felting plans for him. 

Does anyone else have their handwork planned for the year? I'm still looking for ideas for 4th grade and kindergarten! Send them my way and when I get finished with my planning I'll post the schedule here.:o)


MamaWestWind said...

Hi! I'm working all that out through Pinterest. It's a visual bookmark site that's perfect for planning homeschool. I have mine ordered by season and it'll be so nice to know exactly where to go to see a visual of all the projects we want to do. contact me if you want an invite. becca thorn 7 (at)gmail (dot) com


Restless Prairie Farm said...

I'm a member of pintrest but I haven't used it before. I went by tonight to see what I could do with it.
I LOVE your idea! I toyed with it a bit and if I get time tomorrow I'm going to set up seasonal boards and start searching. :o)

Thank you Becca!

Moonbeams and Applesauce said...

Auriana might also enjoy making a knitted chicken. That is usually one of the first knitting handwork projects. It is super simple and the kids love it! Making her own set of knitting needles is also a great wood work project to start off with to make her knitting extra special. I'll make some tutorials on those projects soon.

Hope that helps! I love your blog it is beautiful.

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Thank you!

We did knitting needles from dowels back in first grade but she didn't like them as well as the ones I used. She's very into making her own things now though so that is a good idea. I bet she'd enjoy that. :o)

She's made tons of chickens and kitties and started on a horse but I didn't have a time set aside for her to work with me so she got frustrated trying to follow the pattern. I think we might revisit them together though.

I will absolutely look forward to your tutorial. I've found that even things I know seem easier after reading your tutorials. :o)