Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fossil Hunting with the Master Naturalists

Can you see the Fossils?
There are more than 10 in this picture.:o)

I had a great morning near Jacksboro hunting fossils with the Texas Master Naturalists. I can't believe how much fun it was! It also amazes me that you can walk around and find some neat little bits of history to take home with you.

(This is an area that is approved for fossil hunting/taking. Not all areas that contain neat things are. Always check with your local authorities before you go diggin' dinosaur bones out tha' ground.)
Lot's of different snails and such.
Lot's of different clams.

Neat shell reliefs.

I never did find out what this one was, probably a leverite.
You know, as in "Leave 'er rite there". That's the Geology Prof's Joke, btw. ;o)

 This is a small piece of a really cool, neat spiral thing that I can't remember.
 I'll find it and label it later.

Crinoid Stalks and Segments.

Bryozoans and Unidentified corals

Lophophyillidium Proliferum and Lophophyillidium Spinosum

This trip really brought home to me how important it is to get some hands on when you're trying to learn something.

I can't wait to take the children!

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umbrellalady said...

These are so cool! Your kids will love this!