Saturday, April 23, 2011

Farm Blog Archives: Electric Fence vs. My Mom

I'm moving some of my old stuff from MySpace so I don't lose it.:o)

Since we all know that what happens at the farm stays at the farm I know that you are all aware that this is classified information and won't be sharing it with anyone.;)

My mother went to the farm today to care for my various critters while I was away. This is the story she told upon her return.....with tears running out of her eyes and the ability to breathe stolen from laughter that also removed most of her speech capacity.

She was trying to get the dog watered when she discovered that Kiska had a dirty diaper. Since every animal on my farm comes running when you lift a bucket she was followed from the well to the house by 6 chickens, 7 sheep, 2 horses, one dog and was carrying a stinky baby and a bucket of water. When she went to step over the fence to pour water into Sadie's pan the tip of her flip flop got caught on the electric fence.

I'm sure you can see where this is going....but I'm going to toss out details just for fun. And posterity....when I sell the secret memoirs of the Farm years from now I want to be sure I have my stories straight.

My mother released the bucket of water that went flipping through the air as she fell on her bum while trying to protect the baby. She protected the baby from the fall....but not from the water. Drowned rat is the phrase my mom used to describe the state of my youngest daughter.

After the first stage of shock wore off, kiska started screaming and slapping her head and mom...of course.....started laughing so hard she couldn't see or do anything. (Kiska doesn't like uncontrolled water on her head, it freaks her out.) The sheep scattered, the chickens came over to investigate, and the horses looked at mom like she was a complete lunatic while the dog licked her head, kiska screamed and she laughed. (This sounds like a number of the experiences I've had at the farm, maybe the place is out to get us for disturbing it's peace. Hmmmm, the Electric Fence and Flip Flop curse. Hey, it could happen. Well, it could to me anyways.)

So she finally got the animals away from her, Kiska calmed down, and then moved on to the chores at hand. Kiska soon had a clean diaper, the dog was watered and penned, and mom was on her way to put the chickens, sheep, and horses up.

To do this, she must step over the electric fence.

Now, I love my mother.

And I have had the dubious honor of repeating the same mistake within the same hour several times since I've been at the farm.  It is for this reason that I will allow you to assume that she made it without further incident.

Everyone is entitled to
some dignity.

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umbrellalady said...

So funny! Most people would have been exasperated - she must have a great sense of humour to laugh right off the get