Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artistic Endeavours

Auriana's Studio

Auri decided that she wanted a more official set up today. This is what she came up with. 
It has everything the budding artist needs.
A backdrop.
Crayons, stamps, pencils, and paper.
A place to sit.

She also set up various scenes and tried her hand at still life.

An example of the morning's work.
She used our wooden trees, lake, and gnomes to set this scene. She used a tish of artistic license of course. But over all it's spot on. :o)

Ronan becomes her Subject

Auriana roped her brother into her project. She quickly learned that it is more difficult to draw a moving subject.

Ronan's Portrait

She found that it was a lot harder to draw on a vertical surface than she thought.
But she had fun, and she tried something new.
I like it when the kids decide to shake things up.:o)

I think we may spend the next few days in our crayon boxes, and see where it takes us.


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