Friday, February 25, 2011

Rosemary's Triplets

Aren't they the most darling things EVER?!

I am in the process of purchasing 6 Nigerian Dwarf does and a buck from Cattail Farms for my dairy. I'm trying to get my fences up and my kidding shed built before I bring them home because 4 of the six ladies are VERY pregnant. Rosemary was the most pregnant of them and Madeleine thought she would probably kid this week. 

She was right.:o) At about 3am Wednesday Rosemary delivered these three darlings. The white one of the left is a little girl and the two on the right are little boys. Madeleine said they are perky, happy, and that Rosemary is taking great care of them.
I can't wait to bring them home!
Wait until the children meet them, how much fun is that going to be?!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies! :)