Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tyler's Camping Trip

The Fire we didn't need.:o)

But it was lots of fun.

Planning our activities.

A Lee-Zard! I have no idea why we say it like that....but we do.
We also call Hammers....Hay-Meers....and Ambulances...
Amm-boo-Laynces....oh, and toilets...are Taw-Lets of course.
It's a Virginian Thing.:o) I'm told.

Tyler The Conqueror.

Down in the Canyon, where we heard the song of the Canyon Wren.

Climbing Fun.

They went up...and up...

and UP!

Another Lee-Zard.

The Parallel Forest....A Magic place of my youth.

And if all the Fairies flying around in disguise weren't enough to prove it's magic, we found these sweet little gnome shelters.

It was a super short car camping trip, but I enjoyed it. We hiked, we slept, we were beset by racoons....but that's a story that I'll share later.:o)

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showard said...

That was a great camping trip and I am looking forward to a life filled with more adventure and fun in the great outdoors. And now that I have taught you the proper way to pronounce a few very important words we will be able to enjoy deep conversations while sitting by the fire.
After seeing your skills and fending off the attack pack of highly trained raccoons I think a walk about in the badlands of Australia .
love ya sunshine