Saturday, July 24, 2010


"People think it's unusual, what I do. I don't even think of it as what I do. I'm just living. What I do is the same as cooking or gardening. The difference is the perception of the barrier to entry. People are afraid that they're going to screw something up, that they're going to ruin something. And unfortunately, it's valid -- they will. You will screw stuff up. Things will be broken. But that's the one step to overcome to get on the path of living this richer life of engagement, of having meaningful connections to the objects around you. It's that necessary step you have to take -- the courage to screw things up -- so you're able to fix things, or to make stuff from scratch, or to refurbish stuff to live according to your standards."

Mark Frauenfelder interview with "Mr. Jalopy" in his book "Made by Hand".

Teacher Tom  posted this today. It really spoke to me, so I tossed it out here.

May you always have the courage to screw things up!

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