Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Natural Beauty

I went to the library Monday night looking for some new inspiration on healthy lifestyles and natural beauty. Auriana has been asking for make up again. We made some beeswax lip gloss together a couple of weeks ago but she's still having a hard time with wanting all the shiny packages and girly stuff. I understand how she feels. I like to have shiny things I just like for them to actually be good for me.:o)

I chose three books and mentally bookmarked 3 more to peruse as I begin her education about beauty products and self care. ( I know she's only 9, but I remember being the same age when these things became important to my peers. I struggled with them for years before I read a magazine called Sassy that gave me "permission" to be different. I hope to make things better for her.)
Imagine my suprise when I was a few pages in and read this......"In anthroposophy, your efforts to promote good health and a better life....."

WHAT!? anthroposophy? Huh?
I reread it and then continued on. As I read I realized that I had stumbled upon an anthroposophical self care/beauty book. It's all about biodynamics and salutogenesis and rhythm. I'm only a little way into it so far, but I'm loving it. It even talks about going through your day in reverse order and why. (something that I've only recently become aware of.) It's wonderful. I still can't believe it was at my library!

Okay, moving on.:o)

This was my second day taking a walk all by myself to start the morning. I've been trying to work in meditation and struggling, like I always do, to quiet my mind. (It COULD have something to do with the four children running in and out of the house.) So I decided that if I couldn't "sit and meditate" that I would "walk and meditate". It was hard to convince the children that they need to stay here for a minute. They love their nature walks. But they were already more accepting today. I noticed something important this morning.

It feels SO good to move without limitations. 

I'm sure that any mother will understand what I mean. Almost everything that I do involves at least one limitation. If I go for a walk I have to walk at the kids speed. We stop to look at a thousand things. We draw in the dirt. We throw rocks in the pond. We check on the nests, we look for birds, I usually wind  up at least holding hands if not carrying one of them. If I start to clean something I have little helpers. Which is good! It's what they're supposed to do. It's what I want! But it also causes me to limit my movements. 

My body hasn't been my own since I've had children. 

Today as I was walking I experienced a few things. I felt amazing. My legs were able to move in ways that they haven't since I quit running a few years ago. As I stretch I come into my body in an entirely different way. And it all felt so good. I felt completely present, and by the end of the second mile my mind was clear. I was able to notice the things that I like to notice from a more peaceful place. 

I know how important exercise is. I think we all do. But I was excited to bring the mindfulness of yoga to my walk. I'm happy that I'm at a place where I can work on this and I can't wait to note the changes.


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