Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Love=Dirtbike

The DirtBike

I've been against dirtbikes my whole life. Growing up in rural Oklahoma I've seen a lot of kids with them. It always struck me as insanely unsafe. Not to mention loud and annoying. 

I'm the one who likes to hear the birds singing, the crickets chirping, the leaves rustling in the wind. Dirtbikes seemed so opposite of everything I love about country living. There's also the fact that they can be very very destructive to the landscape. 

I grew up with horses. I like horses. They suit me and my idea of country life much more than dirtbikes do. 

Then I moved to the farm. And I learned that it's a whole lot easier to jump on a 4-wheeler to fetch things or chase sheepies in than it is to catch, brush, and saddle up a horse. 

So 4-wheelers became a part of my life.
I suppose you could call the "needed for the farm" 4-wheeler a gateway drug. Because all of a sudden they weren't horrid contraptions.  They were handy. And fun. They were easier on the land than driving the truck out to get things.

 One of my big worries about machine powered get arounds instead of hay powered ones was what it would do to the kids. I was afraid that it would turn them into wired up adrenaline junkies. I worried that the stimulation would be like going into town or watching a movie or eating a big bag of candy. Things that happen sometimes that I don't like. 
But it didn't wind up like that. They are super responsible, and I've watched them develop a confidence in their capabilities as stewards.

Ronan learning how to ride.

 And this brings me to Scott. He raced dirtbikes for Honda. He teaches people how to ride motorcycles. He has a motorcross track on the property. He loves Jeeps. He can fix ANYTHING. 

Except Plants. His cucumber didn't make it.
 Even though he watered it with Tea every day and gave it lots of love.

He's awesome. He truly loves opportunities to light a fire in your soul for the things he enjoys doing.
And because he's so patient and passionate about them.....he does.
He taught me that, although there are lots of stupid people in the world, no one cares more for the environment than the outdoorsman. That Jeepers are completely commited to treading lightly on the beautiful trails where they off-road. And dirtbikes are not evil things when used carefully and on designated trails.

Oh, and jumps are fun.:o)

Kissy's a little jealous that she's not big enough.

Last Christmas when the weather did this to Oklahoma

Scott and this Jeep were there.
  (Only the top was on, making it a Mobile Tent.)

There were so many travelers on the the road, that it was a very scary time. Several died from exposure because there just weren't enough rescue vehicles to deal with the hundred's of people who were stuck. 

He worked constantly during those ice storms. Pulling people out of ditches. Giving rides home. Moving vehicles so work and rescue crews could come through. 

One girl had no cell phone and had run out of gas 40 minutes before he found her.  
She was pretty lucky.

He kept snacks in the Jeep for when there were kiddos in the vehicles he found. 
They were pretty happy.

I can't say I  approve of his Co-pilot
because he always gives the thumbs up when Scott asks if he can make it.

He thinks I'm amazing. Supportive of everything I do or want to do. And is Committed to helping these kiddos grow up right. He is Helpful without being asked. Protective and Thoughtful. Honest and Strong. Sweet and Funny. Kind and Patient.
I have never experienced the level of Love and Acceptance that this man gives me. It feels Safe and Wonderful
And that doesn't even scratch the surface.
So if having that means I had to challenge my beliefs about noisy dirtbikes......

Then I am all about growth. 

Besides, did I mention Jumps are fun?

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Darcy said...

I stumbled upon your blog while reading Pioneer Woman comments, and I'm so glad that I did--you have such a fun site! Although I'm more of a warm-weather type of gal, I thought the ice storm pictures were gorgeous!!

The Chic College Cowgirl