Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Confessions of a 'Waldorf Inspired Mama"

                                            I live on the Fringe of the Fringe.:o)

I think my nine year old is an awesome driver.

The little guy always wears sunglasses, but never a shirt.

I find getting a straight pic in a bouncing Jeep harder than I should.

I like mud.

More than most.......

But not as much as some.

And the only thing wrong with this picture is that I'm not in the driver's seat.

Tomorrow...How I fell in love with a man and wound up with a dirtbike.


Anonymous said...

I sure am interested in the next blog coming up!
I was wondering why you kept looking at my bikes when you would come out to the shop..
now i know what you saw in me...lol.

Anonymous said...

I love how we use our land for everything from providing use with food for the family to having fun in the jeeps and dirt bikes on the track and in the mud.
I have been blessed with a wonderful woman and great kids.
Life is Good for me.