Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, Craft, Blessings


I've had these cookbooks for years now. I remember feeling diappointed when I got them in because I had expected so much more. I'm still not sure what the "more" was, but I expected it. 

After finally seeing the effect that sugar has on my children I started looking for alternatives. I turned to these books to reboot my memory and see what I could find that would replace the sweets we all love with something more nourishing.
I've fallen in love with the snack book. :o) If I used no recipe other than "Honey Cake #2" from the festivals chapter I would consider my money well spent. (I'm sure there are other cookbooks out there that have lots of yummy and healthy things..I just don't have any of them.) It is soooooo delicious! That one recipe has inspired me to really work with and experiment with alternative sweeteners. I'm finding it delightful. The little ones made a banana bread with maple syrup that smells so good I can hardly stand to wait until this evening when we come together as a family to test it out.

Oh, and Honey Bread.....yum!! We made fresh honey butter to go with it and it was awesome! All of the children enjoy taking a turn to make the butter, but it seems to really connect with the little ones even more. It's magic for them.
My copy of the artwork from the cover of the Kindergarten Snack Book
As I mentioned the other day I have been using the drawings I love to try to learn how to draw in those styles.  These books are FULL of the cutest, sweetest, simplest little drawings. I'm having so much fun. I also like that I've seen Auri take our examples and create new pictures with them. Maybe my theory is working.

Eye of God inspired by waldorf mama

Waldorfmama had these on her blog the other day and I snagged a couple of twigs to see if I remembered how to do it. I did.:o) I'm going to take some orange and red and extra sticks and see if I can make a neat sun ornament for our Midsummer Festival using this technique. Unless I use them up making the twig boats from Rhythm of the Home .

Gift and Inspiration

We were blessed by this view last night after the rain. This picture will be the next thing we try to "copy". I'm hoping that we'll be able to figure it out.:o)



renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

We have the Waldorf Kindergarten snack book, my daughter loves it and has several pages in a notebook with menu plan ideas and illustrations inspired by the book.
I love your sun ornament idea!

Wendi said...

I've been thinking of having Auri make a MLB of menu plans, recipes, and such. Kind of a homemade cookbook. I think it might be something we'd use a lot and I know she would love to make it.