Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conversations with a Turtle

The picture of Innocence 

"What's that you say? 
Oh! You weren't saving that tomato for me?! 
So, so sorry! Won't happen again.:o) 
Did I see the fence? Well, yes. Of course I saw the fence. 
I just didn't realize it was meant for me.
I suppose you're also upset about the peppers and the squash.....

You....umm....didn't know about the squa..... 
um. I'm just gonna go now. 
No, no. Stay where you are. Don't get up. I think I hear my mother calling."



Anonymous said...

u need to add traps and electric fence wire about an inch off the ground around the garden to fend off those sneaky turtles . they are as bad as a fox in the hen house..lol

Donna said...

Love the turtle dialog, Wendy!!!