Friday, January 15, 2010

Roving and Plans

Finally Spun Up.

I've been really busy.:o) Tonight I'll ply this and try to get pictures of the yarn tomorrow. I think I'm going to make this into a cowl or scarf for me. I still have a few ounces of roving left over. I have a fairy mobile in my head that I think would be beautiful in this colorway.

That might be a nice Imbolc or Valentine's Day suprise for the children.

Since I won't be able to use the farm to run with my agritourism ideas I had to come up with a different way to go.

I chose massage therapy. I've worked with this modality on a few different occasions. I searched and found a school that I LOVE in Wichita Falls and I start Monday morning. The people there are very much my kind of people. The owners have bees and llamas. They are both herbalists. They believe in Holistic methods, and they've been involved with some of the longest running Clinics in Texas. I loved everything they had to say. It was a true breath of fresh air after the attitudes and misconceptions that I ran into at all of the other schools I looked into.

I also only have to go three days a week for the first half of it. That's nice because it will give me ample time to adjust us to this schedule. Kiska is the only one who will be in daycare. I will be taking Ronan just to see what he thinks. I got very lucky and the Comanche Nation reopened the daycare here in my small town and they have revamped it to a place that I can feel comfortable leaving my children.

It isn't Steiner inspired, but at least it isn't for long. I always forget how jarring the colors, sounds, and smells are in your standard daycare. It is still hard to get over. It feels so institutional.

I know. I'm spoiled and But at least I found a place that I can tolerate. I will be finished in mid August and then I should be able to either work out of my home or at least be able to dictate my own schedule.

It doesn't hurt that Healing is something I love.

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renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hi Wendy,
Such beautiful yarn. I love the colors, pink is always a favorite!

How wonderful that you have found such a nice school. Now you will be healing with your hands as well as creating beauty.

I am so looking forward to Imbolc, and even Valentine's Day. It would be nice to see how you celebrate.
Winter blessings to you!