Friday, October 30, 2009

My very own Max

Ronan in his Max costume

I had intended to use this pattern, but when I went to print it out I discovered that I would have to purchase a membership at instructables. Although that isn't a bad thing, I just do not have the funds right now. So I decided to wing it.

What happens when you wing it.:o)

All in all though, I'm not too disappointed. It really evokes Max from the book "Where the Wild Things Are". And I think it was a perfect fit for my little guy as far as the attitude goes. I'm trying to teach him to say, I'll Eat You UP!!!, but he keeps telling me in a very nice voice that he wouldn't eat me up really.

He also wants to know if he can carry his Pirate sword.

I suppose it wouldn't be too out of character.

Blurry, but true to life.

Tail from Adorable Foxie.

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