Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Michaelmas Chalkboard

We've been continuing our focus on taming our inner dragons this week.

*Tyler overcame his fear that acting wasn't "cool".
*Auriana tamed her "not yet reading" dragons at the drama class and threw herself at the tasks with a delight that was inspiring.
*Ronan is working on his potty dragons.
*Kiska is a dragon. We think. We're also not sure that St. Michael could have tamed her.
*I have been working on allowing Peace to flow from me as I help these sweet, sweet children tame their dragons.

I've really enjoyed being able to place the struggles we have into this context. This is the first Michaelmas we've ever celebrated. I've heard of Michaelmas for years of course as I've read and searched about Waldorf Education for my children. But we never managed to celebrate it. (I suppose that is yet another dragon we've tamed this year.)

It is amazing to me how relevant it is for us at this time in our homeschool year. We are past the first excited flurry of activity. The newness of our lesson books. The novelty of our school room. Now is the time for us to strengthen our Will and carry on throughout the rest of our year.

The face of Triumph

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